Winner Kayaks Southern Africa

The range of Winner Kayaks includes:

 1. Doris - Childs sit on top.

2. Purity – Basic sit on top.

3. Velocity – Universal sit on top.

4. Nereus – Double sit on top that incorporates a childs seat between the two paddlers.

5. Dave – Sea angling sit on top.

The range of Touring kayaks (long distance experienced paddlers) includes:

6. Dreamer – An excellent value touring kayak for a beginner.

7. Otium – A longer, thinner version of the dreamer, for the more experienced paddler.

8. Hug – A double version of the Otium.

For white water paddling we have:

9. Storm – An entry level fun boat suitable for grade three descent and below.

For the new fashion of Stand Up Paddling:

10. Kungfu – A hybrid of sit on top, stand up and surfing disciplines.

For special order team kayak polo colours:

11. WPK – Water Polo Kayak - Available in training and competitive specs.

And finally, as a family lake boat:

12. Thunder – A universal flat water play boat.